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Massage has been around for Thousand years. Some of our most common everyday activities involve massage in one form or another. The reassuring caress of a mother to her baby or how one consoles a troubled friend. Even a big bear hug involves gentle stroking or patting on the back. Only the most cold and isolated of humans can survive devoid of human touch.


Nobody will argue that receiving a massage is one of life’s most pleasurable sensations. However, the familiar singular therapeutic practice that is most common today, massage is a recent phenomenon. In fact, as medical practice, ancient texts reveal massage to have been widely used.


Since the early 20th century, massage as physical and rehabilitative therapy has been widely practiced in Canada and is often recommended adjuvant medical therapy. Still, the myriad of massage types available can often seem more confusing than helpful. For the uninformed, a Deep Therapy massage is more pain than pleasure, while a Swedish relaxing massage does little to help severe joint pain.


To help you choose the forms of massage read below.

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Meet your therapists

John Jan Zubiaga Registered Massage Therapist I WANNA MASSAGE Fort McMurray best massage d

John(Jan) Z.

Direct Billing to most insurance companies

John (Jan Zubiaga); Is from the Philipines, graduated Advance Massage therapy in Canada and Registered with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Massage Association. Having a genuine interest in helping his clients achieve their goals whether relaxing from a stressful week, promoting recovery for the fitness buffs or assisting with pain, low flexibility or mobility issues.  Jan(John) is well versed  in Deep Tissue, Sport and Relaxation techniques with the power and gentle form to truly make a difference.

Wannapa Udarak of I wanna massage Ymm Fort McMurray wood buffalo rmwb Alberta Canada origi


Director (RMT.)

Direct Billing to most insurance companies

Thai Warrior Massage Therapist, Graston techniques Therapist

Skilled in merging Eastern style massage with Western practices working to improve mobility, flexibility and reduce pain.

Certified : 

  • Registered Massage Therapist in Fort McMurray

  • Traditional Thai Yoga Massage(Nuad Thai) 

  • Thai Warrior Massage or Muay Thai Sport Massage

  • Aroma therapy Massage  

  • Full Body Hot Stone Massage 

  • Postpartum Massage 

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

  • Graston techniques ; Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization(IASTM) Therapist.


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